for the special issue of the journal Asian Studies


The first issue in 2016 will be dedicated to the Buddhist studies. It will explore the role of Buddhism in contemporary global, especially European societies. The call for papers is especially directed towards (but not limited to) the participants of the Symposium dedicated to the same topic, which took place at the Faculty of Art in Ljubljana from March 12th to 14th 2015.

The main purpose of the issue is to explore the role of this ancient thought in modern life, to investigate and analyze the current prevailing attitudes towards Buddhism, to enable new insights into its theoretical contents, and to introduce its new methods and practices.

Themes to be addressed may include contemporary Buddhist ritual customs; Buddhist social practices; the relationship between Buddhism and other religious traditions; the relationship between Buddhist institutions and the state; Buddhist monasticism and its relationship to the laity; Buddhist ethics; Buddhist "modernism," the concept of mindfulness, the relationship between Buddhism and psychology, neurology and cognitive sciences, and so on.

We welcome papers from scholars, researchers, PhD students and others who have expertise in the above mentioned topic.


Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy's panels at the American Philosophical Association's Eastern Division meeting

Including for a Special Workshop on How to Incorporate Asian Texts into Traditional Philosophy Courses

2016 Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association

January 6-9, 2016, Washington, DC

International Symposium

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Blue Room

March 12th – 14th 2015


In order to promote a deeper understanding of philosophy and culture among civilizations and encourage further professional and cultural exchanges between China and Europe we will hold the International Conference on De 德 (Virtue) and Mei 美 (Beauty) in Chinese Philosophy in Venice, Italy, March 25-27, 2015

Conference Web Page:德-美

Call for Papers

4th International Conference on Buddhism in Australasian Region

Perth, Australia 26th- 28th Feb 2015

Deadline: 25th Nov 2014

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19th International Conference of the International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP)

Chinese Philosophy in the Contemporary World

July 21–24, 2015, The Chinese University of Hong Kong