Dear conference participants,

please find some practical information (visa, airport, hotels, getting around, venue, conference & membership fee) on the 3rd EACP conference in the link or file attached.

How to Become a Philosopher: The Many Lives of Yang Zhu 杨朱

KU Leuven, May 30 to June 2, 2019. In the link below, you can find the poster, list of participants, schedule, and abstracts.

PhD post in pre-Qin Chinese Philosophy at the university of Berne, Switzerland, fully funded, from June 1st this year. Candidate must have excellent classical Chinese and a background in philosophy (BA and preferably MA). Ancient Greek an advantage, but not necessary. CV and writing sample asap to me: richard.king [at]

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are happy and proud to announce the following keynote speakers for the upcoming Biennial Conference of the EACP in Ghent (September 2019):

Leigh Jenco (London School of Economics)
Haiming Wen 温海明 (Renmin University)

Please follow the link to full conference announcement.

Kind regards,
Bart Dessein and Ady Van den Stock

Taiwanese Philosophy and the Preservation of Confucian Tradition
International Conference organized by University of Ljubljana, EARL Ljubljana, and TRCCS (Taiwan Research Center for Chinese Studies) in Taipei

10-12 October 2019

Although the philosophical currents in modern and contemporary Taiwan belong to the most influential and important streams of thought in contemporary East Asian theory, they are still unrecognized as specifically Taiwanese. The main reasons for the immense importance of Taiwanese philosophy for East Asia and the contemporary world are twofold. First, they can be found in its contributions to the preservation of traditional Chinese, especially Confucian thought. Secondly, its development of specific innovative philosophical approaches and systems profoundly influenced the theoretical discourses in the entire East Asian region. The philosophical currents in modern Taiwan were mainly developed during the second half of 20th century, in which the philosophical theory in mainland China was largely limited to the Sinization of Marxist thought. Hence, for many decades, Taiwanese philosophy represented the only driving force of developing, modernizing and upgrading traditional Chinese thought and its syntheses with Western thought. Hence, they soon also gained a wide spread popularity in most of the other East Asian societies that were traditionally influenced by classical Confucian thought, as for example Japan and South Korea.

The conference, organized by Ljubljana University, the EARL in Ljubljana and the TRCCS at the National Central Library in Taipei under the academic leadership by Professor Jana S. Rošker, Ph.D., will bring together leading European and East Asian scholars investigating the thought of Taiwanese philosophers. It aims to introduce their work to the wider international academic public, and to discuss and exchange knowledge regarding their philosophical approaches, ideas and methods. It will furthermore also illuminate the political, social and ideological backgrounds of the specific Taiwanese philosophy.

Dear friends and colleagues,
We hope this message finds you well and wish you all the best for the coming year!
Just a gentle reminder that the deadline for submitting papers for the EACP conference in October this year is February 28. Feel free to spread the word to any interested parties. We look forward to receiving your submissions and welcoming you in Ghent soon.
Kind regards,
Bart Dessein and Ady Van den Stock

Confucianism and World Disharmony: The Quest for Harmony in Difference

28-30th August, 2019
Bond University, Queensland, Australia

About the conference:
The international conference 'Confucianism and World Disharmony: The Quest for Harmony in Difference' will be held from Wednesday 28th August to Friday 30th August 2019 at Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia. It is hosted by the Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies and the Faculty of Society and Design (Bond University), organised with support from the World Consortium for Research in Confucian Cultures and The Centre for East-West Relations (Beijing Foreign Studies University).

Please read further or follow the official PDF announcement in the attachment.

Hunan University, Yuelu Academy (嶽麓書院)
Associate, or Full Professor, Chinese History/ World History/ Philosophy

Hunan University is a public Chinese university located in Changsha, China. It is listed in the “Project 985”, “Project 211” and the “Double First-Class Initiative” by the Chinese government. The Yuelu Academy of Hunan University consists of the history, philosophy and archaeology departments. Its staff includes renowned and innovative senior and junior scholars. The Academy offers BA, MA, and PhD programs, and accommodates postdoctoral research.

Associate, or Full Professorship


Chinese History
Medieval, late imperial and modern Chinese history, Chinese historical philology, intellectual history (from Song to Qing), Confucian classics studies, and history of Academies.

World History
Greek and Roman history, Medieval history, Modern history, Japanese history, American history, British history, German history, French history and so on.

Graeco philosophy, Patristics, medieval philosophy, German Classic Philosophy, Modern Christian Theology, Bible Studies, Comparative Religions and Confucian-Christian Dialogue, Chinese Philosophy, Chinese religions.

Acquisition of doctor’s degree bestowed by renowned universities as well as research institutions.


The organisers at Université libre de Bruxelles are kindly inviting you to send abstracts (300 - 500 words) for the conference titled "20th Century East Asian Philosophies: Intercultural Entanglements & Original Contributions" to Takeshi Morisato (takeshi.morisato [at] by 31 January 2019. Please find the poster in the attachment.

Philosophers of the Warring States: A Sourcebook in Chinese Philosophy (Broadview Press)

Translated with commentary by Kurtis Hagen and Steve Coutinho.

"The book that many who teach and study early Chinese philosophy have been waiting for." Amy Olberding

Philosophers of the Warring States is an anthology of new translations of essential readings from the classic texts of early Chinese philosophy, informed by the latest scholarship. It includes the Analects of Confucius, Meng Zi (Mencius), Xun Zi, Mo Zi, Lao Zi (Dao De Jing), Zhuang Zi, and Han Fei Zi, as well as short chapters on the Da Xue and the Zhong Yong. Pedagogically organized, this book offers philosophically sophisticated annotations and commentaries as well as an extensive glossary explaining key philosophical concepts in detail. The translations aim to be true to the originals yet accessible, with the goal of opening up these rich and subtle philosophical texts to modern readers without prior training in Chinese thought.

If anyone is interested in this edition for potential course adoption or to review, please contact tbodie [at] (Tara Bodie) by email or at the address below. Tara Bodie would also be happy to provide complimentary electronic exam copies upon request.