Board and Regional Representative Meeting Report and Call for new Board Member candidacies

Dear EACP Members,

in the link and attachment below please find the Report from the Board and Regional Representative Meeting, which was held during the 2nd EACP Conference in Basel. We also have to resolve an important issue regarding new Board Members.

  1. We kindly ask every member with intent to join the Board to send the candidacy in a free form email to [at] (Subject: Board%20Candidature) (Ralph Weber).
  2. EACP members who are running for their first term in the Board have to secure recommendations from two active EACP members (registered and with paid membership fees). Recommendations for candidates have to be submitted in a free form sent from a personal email account of the author of recommendation. Recommendations have to be sent to [at] (Subject: Board%20Candidature) (Ralph Weber).
  3. Both the intent for candidacy and the two recommendations have to be sent out until the deadline of 30 September, 2017 (midnight).

All active EACP members will be eligible to vote on the new Board via secret electronic ballot with a deadline of 7 October, 2017.

Best regards,

Ralph Weber, EACP President